Bibliotherapy is the use of literature (both fiction and nonfiction) to facilitate therapeutic interaction between a participant(s) and a facilitator. What does that even mean? 

Well think about the last time you read a book that you really connected to. Maybe it made you laugh or cry or get upset but you made a connection with the story on the page and that response can sometimes be healing, reflective or gives us perspective on where we are at in our life or experiences. This is what I look to create in the process of Bibliotherapy. 

This is an interactive process where the participant and the facilitator interact around the story and the responses it brings up  to clarify feelings or discover new insights to their challenges that they are working through. 

I will be reviewing a book each month in subsequent newsletters and why I recommend it for this process.

Is there a book that you have really connected with? Please share what it is and why.