What is a Labyrinth? What can it do for you?

So I wanted to write about the experience of walking a labyrinth and realize I needed to give a little bit of background. I recently had an experience that I was honored to share with participants on our “#ichooseME” retreat this past August where one of the meditations I shared was walking the labyrinth.

What I heard from those that participated as well as my own experience that day was just how powerful this exercise was. We spent some time meditating and then set out to walk this path, step by step, with whatever questions or intentions we wanted to take with us to the center.

It was relaxing, enlightening, and an almost euphoric experience of being completely present in my body and in my mind. Labyrinths provide us an opportunity to experience a sense of peace, reduce stress, and invite us to explore our interconnectedness with the world. I invite you to find a labyrinth and try this for your self. There is a worldwide labyrinth locator available here.