Where do Introverts fit into Activism?

"...I always think that activism needs introverts because we're really good at intimate activism. So we're good at slow activism, and we're really good at intimate activism, and if this year has told us anything, it's told us that we need to, when we're engaging power holders, we need to engage them by listening to people we disagree with, by building bridges not walls --walls or wars -- and by being critical friends, not aggressive enemies."

What do you think about Sarah Corbett's talk and the role introverts play in Activism? As someone who doesn't necessarily consider myself an introvert, I had to think about the activist engagements I have been in and if I afforded a space for introverts to participate. Are you an introvert engaged in Activism? How do you get "heard" and what do you do to recharge?

Interested in creating a space for Social Justice Activists

Do you identify as a social justice activist? 

Do you sometimes feel like it is overwhelming? Where do I begin? Am I making a difference? 

I am interested in providing a support group for all the activists out there. Your passion, your drive, your compassion…I see you. This is exhausting work and it is always present.

Social Justice isn’t something you turn off but the work can make it hard to take a step back and care for yourself. Here are some things I hear from your fellow activists:

I feel so anxious because I am not sure I am doing enough.

Sometimes I don’t know where to begin.

I am pissed that I am taking care of problems caused by previous generations.

This feels like such a weight sometimes.

The work never stops, it feels overwhelming.

I question myself sometimes when others around me minimize the issue or act like it doesn’t really exist.

All these people have a passion and love for what they do, for some, this is their career and for others this is what they are doing when they are not working but they all are driven to stand up for what they believe in. Yet, it can feel heavy and like a sack you never get to put down. 

I am fortunate to work with activists across the state and in other countries. This group is not about the issues you are working on, though I understand how infused they are in your lives. It is a place to unpack all the feelings and thoughts behind your activism to get to you. A place where, regardless of the issue you are working on, you can connect with others to share your thoughts, concerns, anxieties in a therapeutic setting.

I would appreciate if you could answer this survey to give me some insight into what would be helpful for you.