Meditation Minis: Episode 76

So I didn't post any recommendations for the past two weeks because:
1- I was away 2 weeks ago for work and
2- I needed another week to recoup from being away!

I'm back now with my recommendations. I have decided to tweak these more because while I realize recommending a podcast can be helpful, recommending an episode can make it even more likely that you will check it out. 

With that in mind, here is my next recommendation: Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton, Episode 76, Vacation in Every Day. Yes, a vacation in every day, sounds good to me! Chel Hamilton is a hypnotherapist so definitely am showing the love. The meditation is about 10 minutes (there are some ads beforehand) and a great way to break up a hectic day or wind down in the evening.

If you try this one out or any of her other ones, let me know what you think! 

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My Thought Coach

Well it is Tuesday and I had a jam-packed Monday so my podcast recommendation had to wait till today!

My Thought Coach is podcast I started listening to a long time ago and still use it often. These are short positive affirmations to listen to whenever you need a boost or make it part of your morning/evening routine. There are affirmations for coping with crisis, loving yourself more, gratitude and even dating confidence!

Who couldn't use some positive self-talk especially if we are struggling with an inner dialogue that may not be very supportive?

Check out this podcast and let me know what you think! 

Making Life Work

I thought I would introduce my podcast recommendations on Mondays. Midday through the first day of the week while hopefully enjoying your lunch, you can stumble upon a new listen! ⠀

I listen to a lot of podcasts…on my way to and from work, when I am exercising and whenever I have a couple of moments to myself. ⠀

As I listen to podcasts, I usually ask myself, “How can this be of benefit to the people I work with? Will they get something helpful out of this? Are there pieces that can be incorporated into our work together? Is there therapeutic value in this?”⠀

Making Life Work is a podcast that is created by two women, Jenn Walker Wall and Jenn O’Neill. The “Jenns” bring their dynamic and unique lived experiences to their podcast. They are multi-passionate, ambitious people doing their best to balance work, life, and family obligations with their personal and creative goals. ⠀

They are relatively new to the podcast world so there are not a bunch of podcasts..yet but they address topics like decluttering, getting unstuck and managing career transitions. Give them a try and let me know what you think!⠀

Happy Monday!