Sidewalk Talk Boston


What kind of things do you do to give back? Is volunteering a part of your life in any way? For some of us, volunteering is something we do on a regular basis and for others it may feel like we don't have time, don't know exactly what to do or wonder what kind of difference can we make.

I have done a variety of volunteer work throughout my life and it has always made me feel good when I do. There is definitely an intrinsic and extrinsic value in giving to others. I could go into the research that supports the benefits of volunteering for those that give and those that receive but I will save that for another blog post. Today, I want to talk about Sidewalk Talk.

Sidewalk Talk is a community listening project. Its mission is to provide a space for people to be heard. It may sound simple or maybe sound like it isn't needed but think about all the times you haven't felt heard. Think about the people you pass on the streets, or at work, or school that may also feel that way or truly have no one to talk with. 

We all have stories to share, our lived experiences can be similar or very different but they are all of value. They all teach us something. Sitting across from someone who has made a decision to share their story with you is priceless. I am excited to be a part of this project and want to extend this invitation to you.

So what does it take to be a listener? Sign up over at Sidewalk Talk and complete the online listener training. You should also join our Facebook group, Sidewalk Talk Boston

We have an event coming up on Friday, August 24th from 9:30am-2pm at the Boston Common.  You don't have to be there for the whole thing so if you are only able to attend a portion, you are welcome. Details are in our Facebook group or you can email me at sidewalktalkboston@gmail.com