Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi

Hi! My name is Vivien. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker based in Massachusetts. I also have my independent clinical license in the state of Iowa. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I also have a Graduate certificate in Women in Public Policy and Politics and completed my Masters in Social Work at Salem State University.

I have been fortunate to have a variety of experiences in my work in mental health that have challenged me and given me the opportunity to think out of the box.

My approach towards working with clients is a creative and collaborate one. This is your path and I will be not in front of you but by your side. I utilize an integrative approach in treatment which means I pull from a variety of approaches to provide a service that is individualized to the client. I use humor, when appropriate, but am direct and will challenge old patterns and behaviors.

Without a doubt, I am strengths-based and so I am always looking to identify those qualities in you. I enjoy learning and training in different approaches and utilize skills in Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused, Narrative, Mindfulness and Liberation theories…so far!

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and working towards my Certification as a Journal Therapist. I find that therapeutic writing is a powerful medium for working with clients and this process has also led to work using literature, poetry, art, movies and music in sessions.

verified by Psychology Today       Therapy for Black Girls

Outside of the office, I love spending time with my family, collecting typewriters and growing succulents. You will usually find me talking myself out of buying the newest technology or telling myself to wait at least 3 months till they have figured out all the bugs in it. 

I am a bit of a foodie and have driven over 60 miles to try a donut, it was amazing! I enjoy being active in my community and doing volunteer work when I can.