Do you feel addicted to food?

Are you someone that is always looking for the right food plan or diet that will change it all but nothing seems to stick?

Have you thought about what type of eating patterns you have?

Are you feeling stuck and not sure what direction is left?

Putting people into the hypnotic state and then do therapy. Hypnosis is just suggestion.


Welcome to Trim-Life

Trim Life is a program designed to train your mind to release weight. It is a guide in which participants discover the emotional triggers that create unhealthy eating patterns. Individuals learn hypnotic techniques to eliminate food cravings, reversing negative self-talk and beliefs. In learning to identify and address the emotional issues that often drive overeating or binging, eating habits change. Psycho-educational discussions are integrated into the work.

TRIM-LIFE is designed to explore emotional eating patterns, but anyone could benefit from this program. With TRIM-LIFE, we can connect with the reasons you use food for comfort and develop healthier ways of dealing with what drives your overeating. TRIM-LIFE helps empower you to take charge of your life and gain more control in your relationship with yourself. Amazing things can happen when we begin this journey. Eliminating overeating patterns is just a fraction of the healing process. 

What You Will Receive:

  • Six weekly group sessions (2 hours) OR Six 90-minute individual sessions (in-person or online)

  • Recordings of the hypnotherapy scripts via CD or Flash Drive

  • TRIM-LIFE workbook (includes homework assignments, tracking materials)

  • "TRIM-LIFE: Diets don’t work, but the power of the mind does” by Diane Zimberoff

  • “Breaking Free from the Victim Trap” by Diane Zimberoff

  • A Private Facebook group for you to connect with other members also participating in sessions

  • Time and attention on you and your healing process.

Week 1: Who are we and why are we here? Introductions, getting to know each other, preparing for the journey of TRIM-LIFE together. Being in a supportive group setting is powerful, let's build a strong foundation before we begin.

Week 2: Looking at your history of dieting and relationship with food. We include 2 hypnosis tools to bring awareness to the size of the stomach (minimize overeating) and eliminate a craving for a bad food choice.

Week 3: Building awareness of how all parts of the body work together and the importance of taking care of every part. Also including a hypnosis to increase motivation for physical activity and self-care. 

Week 4: First hypnotherapy session to access early patterns of overeating to soothe the self. This is a powerful week where we gain insight into our subconscious mind and what drives our behavior.

eek 5: Looking at The Victim Triangle and acknowledging patterns of codependency in our relationship with others and ourselves. How do we set ourselves up to lose power in our lives?

Week 6: How did we learn to nourish ourselves and have our needs met? Do we have a difficult time taking care of ourselves and "nourishing" ourselves? This is regarding food, substances, and relationships.

eek 7: Looking at patterns of perfectionism, judgment, and self-sabotage. 


Group: $697 (put paypal links here)

Individual: $897 (put paypal links here)


Your body hears everything your mind says.

— Naomi Judd