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CLean Break



Are you looking to stop smoking?

Do you worry about gaining weight or backsliding into overeating?

Do you feel like you have not been able to kick the habit but have tried other methods to stop?

According to the World Health Organization, there are 1 billion smokers around the world. 

Clean Break is a smoking cessation hypnotherapy program. This 4 week program (done in-person or online) consists of hypnotherapy sessions and psychoeducation.

Here is what you will learn:

- information about smoking which will help motivate you to quit.

- powerful mental tools to eliminate the urge to smoke.

- new skills and behaviors to use to quit smoking and remain abstinent.

- how to use techniques to prevent weight gain.

- relaxation techniques.

- a “mental aversion” technique which will make the thought of smoking


- recognition of “smoking triggers” and how to avoid them.

- identification of possible obstacles to remaining nicotine free and to develop

strategies to overcome them.


Week 1 consists of Releasing the Smoker in you and creating a new state of "non-smoker"

Week 2 consists of Getting rid of the desire to smoke and creating your toolbox

Week 3 will cover the importance of breathing and focus

Week 4 will cover maintaining a healthy weight and emotional healing


Here is what you will get:

  • 4 sessions of smoking cessation focused hypnotherapy and psychoeducation
  • Workbook and CDs

The cost of this program is $397. You can pay below in one installment or 3 payments of $133.