Why do you get a separate page on this site? Because you earned it. 

As a Veteran myself, I have always known no matter how my work evolved, serving Veterans would always be priority for me.

I have served in the Navy (Active Duty), Army National Guard and Air Force Reserves. No, I did not forget about the Marines, I had to draw the line somewhere! The military has been my 2nd family, good or bad, and I have always known that just like many Veterans I would always find a way to stay connected to my extended family. I am able to do that here.

I have worked with Veterans through state agencies, the VA and now in my private practice. I take Tricare, ChampVA, Veterans Choice, and Military One Source because I believe maintaining mental health is just as important as maintaining physical health. I also offer 1 spot through Give An Hour in my practice. 

You don’t have to prove to anyone just how tough you are. You are still here, and you are still alive despite all of life’s storms and tornados and hurricanes.

You have weathered them all like a grand old oak tree, and you are still here.

You are still alive.

And if that isn’t tough, I don’t know what is.
— Nikita Gill, Poet