Koru is accessible to all and differs from other mindfulness programs in several ways:

  • Teaches mindfulness meditation as well as stress-management skills
  • A brief model to accommodate busy schedules. Taught in four, weekly, 75-minute classes.
  • Highly structured with daily homework of a mindfulness log and 10 minutes mindfulness practice
  • Taught in small, diverse groups
  • Active teaching to address skepticism and build motivation

While Koru was designed with the emerging adult in mind, it is open to anyone who feels this program would enhance or improve their skills in mindfulness and meditation.

Research on mindfulness and meditation is extensive and supports the following benefits:

  • increases compassion for self and others
  • reduces implicit race and age bias
  • better decision-making
  • participants are more fit and heart healthy
  • decrease aggression
  • reduce feelings of stress, worry and fear
  • improved sleep
  • and more!


There are 3 programs that I facilitate:

  1. Koru Basic: a 4 week program for beginners to meditation. The book required for Koru Basic is Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  2. Koru 2.0: a 4 week program for people who have already completed Koru Basic. The book required for Koru 2.0 is Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg
  3. Koru Retreat: a 4 hour silent retreat where we participate in a variety of different meditations from sitting, to walking, to movement.



Koru Basic is currently enrolling for Tuesday nights starting September 25th-October 16th @7:30pm-8:45pm. The cost of Koru Basic is $167. To sign up, use the button below.