Navigating the ones we create, the ones we pass through, the ones that color our identity.


Spaces is a group that addresses a variety of topics and challenges that represent sources of stress, anxiety and depression in our lives. 

There is a common thread amongst the young women of color I am privileged to work with.

  • You are highly educated.

  • You are working in spaces where your voice isn’t always heard and navigating the microaggressions that take place in your career field.

  • You are dealing with leadership and employee culture that is not representative of who you are but you want to make a difference in what you do.

  • You are engaged in activism whether at work or on your personal time but the reality is that it permeates your lived experience so there is no "time off" from it.

  • You are creative and you aren’t looking to do things the same old way.

  • You are dealing with family and how your culture intersects with all this.

  • You are trying to find and/or maintain healthy relationships.


You are moving through these spaces by yourself but so are many other young women of color who are feeling the same way.


Being a part of Spaces means that you will have the opportunity to work through all of these topics and challenges

-in a shared safe SPACE

-with a positive network of ENCOURAGEMENT

-and facilitated with professional feedback and SUPPORT


SPACES meets twice a month on Saturdays at 10:00am

SPACES will meet on the following Saturdays:

June 15th

June 29th

July 13th

July 27th

This is a closed group which means that you must be enrolled prior to attending. There will be opportunities for new members to enroll in the group every 4-6 weeks depending on availability.

Most insurances accepted. If you chose not to use your health insurance or are on a plan that I do not take the cost is $35/per group. If you are currently not a client, please contact me for an intake appointment.


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“Without community, there is no liberation.”
— Audre Lorde
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